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Marco Concert presents an unusual format of events - Silent Cinema and Jazz!

Within the framework of a unique project, your attention is to the famous creations of directors who have won the love of millions and conquered Hollywood. Silent movies and Jazz are paintings that once made a real revolution. Their characters are forever imprinted in the history of world cinema. This is the work of such legendary actors and directors as Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin.

In each picture - the spirit of the era in which lived and worked great masters of the genre. And the lack of words, rather, adds, but does not deprive the picture of meaning. It is in the movements, facial expressions, emotions of the actors - the whole "salt" of the plot. Modern man finds it difficult to imagine the whole complexity of conveying an idea in a silent movie. H

You can only admire the talent and inspiration of the actors of the past. And, of course, the main "highlight" of every event of the project is the participation of the amazing pianist, favorite of the metropolitan public, Pavel Ignatiev. His jazz accompaniment will add a special charm to the event and light the spark in the eyes of the audience.

Looking through different events in Kiev, stop your look at our selection of Silent Cinema and Jazz. The posters posted on the website are constantly updated, and you will never miss an extraordinary concert or meeting.

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