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Why go to the festival of silent cinema and modern music "Nima Nights"?

1. The Largest Festival of Silent Cinema in Eastern Europe
2. Masterpieces of world and Ukrainian silent cinema
3. Modern music created specifically for movies

The only one in Ukraine and the largest in Eastern Europe, the festival of silent cinema and contemporary music, Nima Night for two festival days will present four dumb movies from Ukrainian and international archives in the live voice of Ukrainian musicians.

Music headliners of the festival - Albert Zukrenko ("Hammerman destroys viruses") and the group "Carriages".

Program June 28:
"Adjutant of the King" (Der Adjutant des Zaren) in 1929, dir. Volodymyr Strizhevsky
Music: Roman Vishnevsky (finalist of Envision Sound)

"Swine is always a pig" 1931 dir. Hanan Shmain
Music: Albert Zukrenko (Hammerman Destroys Viruses)

The program is June 29th
"The Tower of Silence" (Der Turm des Schweigens) 1925 dir. Johannes Gutter
Music: Sergei Leontiev (finalist of Envision Sound)

"Order for arrest" 1926 dir. Georgiy Tacin
Music: "Carriages"

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