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PREMIERE! Neapolitan passions

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The play "Neapolitan Passions" in Odessa will take place in the Odessa Academic Music and Drama Theater named after M. Vasylka.

Why should you go to the theater for the play "Neapolitan passions" in Odessa?

  1. Expressive Italian comedy.
  2. A wonderful play by the actors, which captures the viewer's eyes on the stage from the first minutes.
  3. An incredible kaleidoscope of emotions from viewing.

Comedy performance "Neapolitan passions" in Odessa

The performance is a brilliant compilation of the best works of the Italian playwright-comediographer Eduardo de Filippo. So there is an excess of expression and release of energy in work. The roles are performed by: Honored Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Chirva, Honored Artist of Ukraine Ninel Natocha, Honored Artist of Ukraine Ihor Gerashchenko, Bohdanna Shumanska, Tamara Lukash, Iryna Besarab, Denys Hryhoruk and others. The production director is Pavlo Gatilov. Duration - 90 minutes.

Stormy relationships, impulsive actions and zero peace in the play "Neapolitan Passions" at the Ukrainian Theater

Comedy will charm you with its lightness and wit. In the expanses of sunny Italy, the riotous married life of several couples rages. What they do not have to decide and find out: seek intimacy with a friend's wife; go to any lengths to pay rent; to settle lovers' disputes in a dubious way; reflect on the meaning of the concepts of "nobility", "cynicism", "decency" or "depravity" and much more. The most interesting thing is that you will fully immerse yourself in the event and even feel the light aromas of coffee, cheese paste and tomatoes... We are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Neapolitan passions" in Odessa?

You can order tickets online at Concert.ua. Tickets to the theater can be a nice gift for family and friends. Take the opportunity!