Nersik and Arao Ispiran

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Why go to the NERSIK & ARABO ISPIRYAN concert?

1. To hear the golden voices of Armenia.
2. Get acquainted with the new culture.
3. Join the true holiday of the Armenian folk dance and song.

Nersik and Arabo Ispiryan go on a tour in Ukraine! In March, their long-awaited tour of the country, which is timed to the 100th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia, will begin.

The golden voices of these extremely talented singers can be enjoyed by residents of 5 Ukrainian cities. Nersik Ispiryan is the Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia. "Armenian Brave", "Flight, Eagle", "Armenian lands", "Native land" ... The main theme of the artist's work is easily read from the names of songs - Nersik Ipyryan is really best known for his national liberation compositions.

He is the author of three dozen patriotic works, most of which are about just repayment and Western Armenia. Owns various musical instruments (Zurna, Dhol, Duduk). His son - Nersik Ipyryan, who inherited the talent and charisma of his father - will act with him.

The motto of Armenia: "One nation is one culture", which means, getting acquainted with their culture is even more interesting. Come on! It will be fantastic, and the concert will be remembered for a long time!

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