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Why it is necessary to go to a concert of the group "Nerves"?

1. Three years "NERVES" did not give concerts in Ukraine, but this time the musicians promise to catch up the lost time!
2. Behind their male shoulders performances at the largest venues, large-scale festivals and prestigious music awards.
3. During two hours of the concert you will hear the old good hits of the band - "Coffee is my friend", "Ravens", "Batteries" and others, as well as new songs from the album "The most expensive".

The group "Nerves" does not lose time in vain! Prepare to meet artists in your city with a presentation of a new cool album that will change your idea of ​​music once and for all!

"The most expensive" is the fifth serious studio work of musicians in seven years of existence. Well, a lot! The new album did not fit on one record, so it was decided to present it in two parts: the first fans saw in May, the second - in December 2017.

The musicians themselves are frank that the new material was not created as easily as it seems, but this only added to it a special atmosphere, depth of sound and emotionality. Like the very first hits, the album was created in Bobina Records studio in quite ascetic conditions. The result of a two-week laborious and very dense work was a completely new saturated sound.

Look at the explosive concert "NERVES" in your city and get a thrill from the live performance of the album, which the guys consider their best creation!

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