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NON-performance in an apartment «Day/shade» with Pavel Aldoshyn

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NON-performance in an apartment «Day/shade» with Pavel Aldoshyn in Kyiv! Don`t miss 2020-12-10 в 20:00 on the Квартира, Kyiv.
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This is not a performance, not a concert, and not a house concert.

An invitation as a guest to Pavlo Aldoshyn an actor, musician, photographer. To a person, who is always in a search of a sense and on the way.

So will there be an artist?

Yes, because poems, music, thoughts are being born in art.

No, because art as love this is the breath of life. Breath that is beating in each of you. Of us. Guests-friends, strangers among themselves. Interlocutors, speaking by silence.

History of Pavlo Aldoshyn is about himself, life and way, about choice and freedom. About everyone, who will be ready to share this history with him. Unfamiliar apartment, evening, 10 guests. Without decorations and stage, without distance and ovations. To be yourself, keep quiet about important things, allow feelings to be. Create your own world, find yourself in the display of Aldoshyn history. And to drink tea at your own place.

Everyone who wants to share this evening with Pavlo Aldoshyn can bring something. Something that you will take to a friend. Good wine, Belgian waffles, and tart truffles — or crispy baguette with butter.

This is an evening with social distance, but no soul distance.

See you!

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