At a wrong time

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Why is it worth to go to the play “At a wrong time”?

1. The comedy production reveals serious universal themes.
2. The performance makes you think about your purpose in life.
3. The evening in the theater is always a long-awaited and memorable event.

We invite you to the play “At a wrong time” staged by a novice director and talented actress Anastasia Kuzik. Do not miss a great opportunity to diversify your leisure!

“At a wrong time” is a comedy based on the play by Ukrainian writer Lana Ra. This is a life-affirming narrative of how a person comes to realize his own importance in this world. After all, none of us is not accidental on this earth.

“At a wrong time” is a story about a difficult choice, which the main character of the play faces. God-given gift to create his happiness, he is ready to crush, putting his hands on himself...

What is this? - The end? No, only the beginning ... ahead - an insight from the care of the attentive Guardian Angel, a journey to a past life and - an unexpected finding of... yourself!

Staging and musical accompaniment - Anastasia Kuzyk.
Set Designer - Maxim Lapko.

Waiting for you!

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