The Night Before Christmas

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Why should you go to the play "The Night Before Christmas"?

1. On the stage there will be 30 actors who will create a bright national flavor.
2. Fabulous set design, elegant scenery and costumes.
3. You will find many surprises.

Everyone knows which way to the heart of a man. But through what is the path to the heart of the fair sex? Let's open the secret: a pair of gold-embroidered shoes will help to conquer the girl!

The blacksmith Vakula lost his common sense from the fever of love, so he is determined in any way to fulfill the desire of his obstinate Oxana. And if the shoes that the queen herself wears are capable of breaking the icy heart of her beloved, then so be it! He does not know what unusual adventures await him. The night before Christmas carries many wonders. Here and colorful Solokha with tangled love adventures, and bold Cossacks, and even the brilliant queen.

Waiting for you insanely beautiful tale of touching love. Vivid mass scenes with dances and songs are just fascinating! A sparkling humor, national carols and a nativity scene will bring true pleasure.

Be sure to come to the play "The Night Before Christmas" to see the grandiose theatrical embodiment of one of the best works of the great Nikolai Gogol. We are waiting for you by all means!