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The night before Christmas

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Why should you go to the play Night Before Christmas?

1. Return to your favorite Christmas holidays
2. See the magical adaptation of Gogol's novel
3. Together with heroes, plunge into mysticism and fun

It is difficult to find a work of world literature, which equates with the christmas of Christmas with the story of Gogol "The Night Before Christmas." Bright, funny story, in which sincere love, willingness for any victim for the sake of a loved one, fun, unpredictable adventures and even mysticism of the last night before Christmas were intertwined.

And although many theaters put this masterpiece, Chernihiv Theater them. Shevchenko made it impossible to surprise the viewer. Director A. Bakirov put an absolutely wonderful musical comedy, which also attracts the world of the Christmas night tales with its incredible miracles.

Smith Vakula will go on a search of shoes for the cute, but Oksana, the witch of Soloh will fill up with unsuccessful visitors.
all the empty bags, the devil steals the moon, and the two cummies will wander the snowy village in search of vodka and a good company.

Roles in the comedy "Night before Christmas" were performed by talented actors-shevchenko: E. Bondar, N. Punchus, V. Sudak, P. Veliky, A. Kukoverov, O. Grebenyuk, N. Maksimenko, D. Litashov, E. Bragida, S. Nosenko and others.

Do not miss! Such adventures happen only once!

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