Dumb nights. Return

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Why is it worth going to "Dumb nights, Return"?

1. The largest silent cinema festival in Eastern Europe, which presents masterpieces of the world and Ukrainian silent films.
2. 7 musical film performances, with modern music, which was created specifically for films.
3. 2 world premieres of Ukrainian films, which for a long time were considered lost. 2 premieres of unique tapes created with the participation of Ukrainian cinematographers-emigrants

This year the sub-name of the festival "Return" is an incredible return of two Ukrainian silent films, miraculously surviving in the archives of the two countries most affected by the Second World War. It is also symbolic repatriation and inclusion in the cultural turnover of outstanding figures of European and world cinema, forced to leave Ukraine almost a hundred years ago.

During three festival days, musicians from Ukraine and abroad announce seven silent tapes from international and Ukrainian film archives.

Among the musical headliners of the festival: Albert Tsukrenko ("Hamerman Destroys Viruses"), "Vagonovozhatye", the collective of the brothers Radzetskih SUPREMUS and Ptakh_Jung.


June 28th

Man and monkey. USSR, 1930
dir. Andrey Vinnitsky. Music: Ptakh_Jung

Underground (Underground). Great Britain, 1928
dir. Anthony Asquith. Music: to be announced

June 29

Wind (The Wind). United States, 1928
dir. Victor Shostryom. Music: Supremus

The adjutant of the king (Der Adjutant des Zaren). Germany, 1929
dir. Vladimir Strizhevsky. Music: Roman Vishnevsky

30 June

The tower of silence (Der Turm des Schweigens). Germany, 1925
dir. Johannes Sauter. Music: Sed Contra Ensemble

The wind from the rapids. USSR, 1929
dir. Arnold Cordym. Music: Artokrats

Pigs are always pigs. USSR, 1931
dir. Hanan Shmain. Music: Albert Tsukrenko (ChZV)

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