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night maniac

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Why is it worth going to the play "Night of the maniac"?

1. This is an excellent comedy
2. A wonderful play of actors
3. The play is written exclusively for Dark. This you will not see anywhere else!

Art studio "Dark Sofit" presents the premiere of the comedy after Mikhail Strig's play "Night of the Maniac."

A shy and clumsy botanist, in love with his magical work colleague, invites her to his home. Unfortunately, the girl does not know that he suffers from a split personality. A botanist is not aware of the insidious plans of the girl, who acts on the orders of his girlfriend-criminal.

Heroes are waiting for unexpected turns of events, to which they were not ready. In search of an exit from the situation they will have to make a difficult choice and find out a very difficult relationship.

Visit the premiere, and you will not be indifferent to the fate of the heroes - positive emotions are guaranteed to you!

Producer: Elena Nevolko
Director: Yuri Derenevsky
Cast: Ksenia Gulko, Maria Chernous, Mikhail Striga

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