Christmas Eve

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Why go to the play "Christmas Eve"?

1. Merry fabulous authentic comedy based on the story by Nikolai Gogol
2. An excellent reason for family viewing with children from 8-10 years
3. Together with the heroes plunge into mysticism and fun

The Christmas and New Year's Eve show "The Eve before Christmas" goes on in the theater "Maskam Glad" with success already the 6th theater season and has visited several international theater festivals

"Christmas Eve" is a winter fairy tale based on the story of the brilliant Ukrainian writer Nikolai Gogol. Here there are all the characters beloved by Gogol and folk Ukrainian mythology: the Witch, the Devil, the Cossack character Patsyuk, and the magical reincarnations. In one evening, you will be able to visit the Christmas village of Dykanka covered with snow in Poltava region and in the imperial St. Petersburg, of crushing importance, marble and gilding.

A kaleidoscope of bright characters and pictures that are "turned over" right before the eyes of the viewer. We tried to preserve the wonderful original language of Gogol and convey the spirit and atmosphere of the winter holidays - such as they were celebrated in Ukraine from time immemorial.

The performance is recommended for viewing by the whole family (8+).

Hurry to create a festive New Year and Christmas mood for yourself and your whole family!

The performance premiered on December 1, 2012. And since then, this winter fairy tale-comedy for children and adults has enjoyed unchanged success, both in Ukraine and in other countries. Theater "Maskam Rad" successfully showed the performance "Eve before Christmas" at the international theater festival "Time" in Bulgaria, at the international theater festival "Dionysius" in Poland.

The performance was repeatedly shown for charity purposes: at the Children's Boarding School for Mentally Retarded Children, for children from orphanages in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Reserve, in Gostiny Dvor.

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