Night with Count Cagliostro

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Why should you go to the play "Night with Count Cagliostro"?

1. Evaluate the unusual tandem of a fresh directorial decision and a well-known story.
2. You will learn what can unite the Italians and... Poltava.
3. The comedy will give a good mood and leave a pleasant aftertaste.

The Classic Art Alternative Theater presents the bright comedy “Night with Count Cagliostro”. Talented actors and dynamic plot - everything you need for a great evening!

The director's idea is truly unusual and able to surprise everyone: the production presents a new, unexpected version of the story about the great Count Cagliostro. Adventures of the famous magician, inspiring world dramatists, you will see in a new perspective. After all, the play tells about the adventures of the Italians, but not in their homeland, but near Poltava!

Wonderful mood from a light fun performance - guaranteed! The "highlight" of the production will be amazing costumes, beautiful dances and special musical accompaniment.

Get ready to listen to every phrase cast by the heroes: these quotes will be cruise! And, of course, a lot of unforgettable emotions will give a bright unexpected ending, which will be a real surprise for the public.

The performance is dedicated to Grigory Gorin, the author of the script for the film “Formula of Love”.