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Night at the Museum

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Why go to the "Night in the Museum"?

1. Only once a year Kosi caponier opens ALL their doors: cameras, carts and other premises.
2. Review of exclusive films, in particular about Baron Munchausen in Kiev and the Kiev fortress, and about one of the legends and tales of events associated with the Kiev fortress: the murder of Stolypin.
3. Familiarity with the history of the Kiev fortress through a theatrical excursion along with the heroes of events.

We invite to the Night at the Museum in Kiev fortress.

You are expecting:
- showing the film "The Same Munchausen" (about Munchausen in Kiev and the Kiev fortress);
- showing the film "Myths and Legends of the Kiev Fortress" (series 1 "Stolipin's Murder");
- collective creativity: together draw a big picture "Kiev fortress in the spring";
- walk with the fortress with Baron Munchausen - one of the legends of the Kiev fortress;
- excursion "Secrets of the Skinny Caponir". Once a year, on the Day of Museums, Kosoni caponier opens its ALL doors: cameras, squadrons and other premises. On this special day, one can not only look at them, but also get to the middle, thereby directly touching history.

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