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Why should you go to Noize MC concert?

1. Summer and Noize MC - the best tandem for a cool holiday.
2. For the summer concert series, the musicians prepared only the hottest hits.
3. It’s impossible to miss the chance to meet a cool artist!

Do not miss the long-awaited event! Noize MC and his cool team returns!

Last year, the Noize MC team celebrated a significant date - 15 years of the group’s existence. On this occasion, was a triumphal tour, which brought together whole stadiums. These were the biggest concerts in the history of the band! The musicians visited all cities and countries where only a loyal fan of Noize MC could appear.

Now, having polished up the two-hour anniversary concert program, the group will bring it to the capital of Ukraine. You will have a solemn presentation from Noize MC! You will hear as the main hits for a half dozen years, and the freshest singles. Heartfelt acoustics, hurricane drive and, of course, armor-piercing freestyle. You need to see and hear it live!

Do not miss the cool chance to visit the live concert of Noize MC! There is nothing to think about - you have to go!

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