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Why go to the Notre Dame de Paris concert?

1. Notre Dame de Paris is a masterpiece that you don’t need to talk about: you need to come and see.
2. Large-scale production will impress even the most demanding viewers.
3. The grand show will once again remind you: no one will resist the true, passionate and all-powerful love...

On March 1 and 2, on the stage of Musical comedy, the world-famous musical Notre Dame de Paris. Touch the eternal!

The plot of the incredible show is Victor Hugo's novel “Notre Dame de Paris”. Vocal parts will be performed in the original language by seven soloists. They will be accompanied by members of a large symphony orchestra and rhythm group, and accompaniment of the choir will give the musical a surround sound and special atmosphere.

Beauty is an incredible power. She is able to incinerate her soul and heal again. In her captivity - sweet, in freedom - painfully hard. Simple truths, challenging design, multifaceted incarnation - it's all about the legendary masterpiece of Notre Dame de Paris.

This time, the organizers of a large-scale production announce a new look at a famous love story. In the musical involved 150 artists. Tons of light and sound equipment are used. We are sure you will witness a sensational event!

Come to see, feel, experience and, of course, enjoy the unique action.

The author of the texts is Luke Plamondon.
Composer - Riccardo Cocciante.

Waiting for you!

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