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New Year's space adventure

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Why go to the New Year's Space Adventure?

1. Fairy, instructive, good fairy tale.
2. Cascaders, acrobats, special bright effects, grown dolls.
3. Tickets with sweet surprise.

The great evil Wizard Astar kidnaps the universe's Stone of Santa Claus, but due to the thermocosmoretutive wave Kamin falls on the planet Earth, where the usual Ukrainian family (father, mother, daughter and son) finds it.

With the help of Stone, a family journey begins in the spaces of the universe, where difficulties, trials and the hardest of them are waiting for them - the choice between Evil and Good. The family will overcome all obstacles and at the end will win Astara.

This is not just a New Year's fairy tale, but a lesson is good to small and not very viewers.

In addition to the fairy-tale magic show, the play contains instructive moments: the importance of the family, friendship between brothers and sisters, the risk of excessive enthusiasm for gadgets.

The show will be interesting for children from 3 to 14 years old, as well as their parents.

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