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New Years Fuss

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New Year's adventures of two pirate friends began with the mysterious disappearance of the Moon in the sky, and then, almost a good pirate, Jack Sparrow realized that there was not a single Christmas tree in the Caribbean islands! And therefore, friends, pirates will not be able to meet the New Year!

Pirate ship in full sail flew through the waves. It was a very fast ship. Captain Jack Sparrow stood on the prow of the ship and dreamed ...

The pirates respected him for a menacing look, huge mustaches and vigor. Many obstacles passed this pirate, but to stay in the New Year without a Christmas tree ...

It was unacceptable! Therefore, the ship has already flown through the waves to meet new adventures and meet its dream - to get the New Year tree and to make a wish for it! But what you will find out, looking at a fairy tale, about the new adventures of Jack Sparrow.

Duration of performance 1 hour

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