New Year's magic trick

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Why is it worth going to the production of "New Year's focus-extravaganza"?

1. Immerse yourself in the world of magic.
2. Get the first New Year's gifts.
3. To meet with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Rather, catch the moment and take the tickets - we have already prepared a super show for you.

The New Year is about to come, which means it's time to prepare gifts! What could be better than a fantastic circus show from wizard masters?

"Focus-extravaganza" is a cheerful, bright and cheerful circus program that will give many happy minutes while traveling to a real magical world. Only for you illusionists-magicians will show real magic!

A fairytale story, in which there will be a lot of light and music, will be a great New Year's gift not only for children, but for all your relatives.

An amazing circus program includes performances by skilful jugglers, fantastic magicians and an acquaintance with the country's most ridiculous clown - Lelik.

And, of course, the fairy-tale Santa Claus and his beautiful granddaughter Snegurochka always look at the feast to congratulate all the guests!

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