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New Year Regiment of Captain Vrungel

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Why go to the "New Year Regiment of Captain Vrungel"?

1. The child will take part in the search for Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
2. Everyone will get a sweet gift
3. Entrance to 3 years is free of charge

New Year regatta of Captain Vrungel is a musical interactive action fairy-tale in which the unrestrained adventure lovers Captain Vrungel and his loyal assistant Lom are sent to save Santa Frost and Snow Maiden.

On their way, of course, obstacles and interesting journeys. They will fall into the manners of England, and on a deserted island. And in the end they are waiting for a well-deserved award-New Year's meeting with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and a bright New Year's holiday.

Tale contains author's text. All songs are live. Designed for school age children.

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