New Year's quest mission 12 months

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Attention! The quest is designed for children from 5 to 11 years old!

Why is it worth going to the New Year’s quest mission "12 months"?

1. New Year's atmosphere.
2. 12 secret scientific experiments.
3. Unforgettable emotions.

The scientific headquarters of special agents was visited by an unusual guest asking for help, because his bag of gifts had disappeared.

And why did this guest turn to agents? Because only they can and know the secret recipes that months have prepared to find the lost. Yes, yes, it was the king of 12 months (suddenly it was New Year) who left the amazing tasks of his subordinates, because our guest wandered for a year and scattered his tracks everywhere.

Therefore, rather hurry to the headquarters of special agents to help together find a bag of gifts.

During the quest, participants will:

-Learn how to read secret messages
-to make a love elixir
-see unusual snakes
- surprise everyone with a magical explosion
-Travel throughout the year
and meet the real lord for 12 months

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