Lindjago New Years adventures on the princess planet

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Why go to the New Year adventures of the lindigo on the planet princesses?

1. Interactive musical performance of big-growth puppets - popular cartoon characters.
2. The Lindzags will teach the guys their martial arts.
3. Girls will have the opportunity to attend the Princess School.

Our best viewers! Small and Big! Here again the New Year comes! We have long been waiting for this holiday, which fascinates us so fascinating, which always has a miracle, a smile and joy !!!

Visit us on January 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 at the Fairmont fairy tale in the very best, largest and most charming ballroom in Kyiv, where you will immediately find yourself in a riddle of adventure titled "New Year Adventures of the Lingjago on planet princesses! "

Without finding an understanding among his entourage, Red Bird, goes to search for a secluded place, but even on a deserted planet, he finds no rest. He gets acquainted with Troy's Princess Troly, Pony Pinkie Pai, who take part in the competition for the Princess of the Planet Domino, by the fairy Winx-Bloom. But ... princesses are at risk! From the monster of Serpentine, the princesses save Lindzao !!!

During the program, viewers take the most active part. They will not only immerse themselves in the fantastic world of the deserted planet, but will be able to directly participate in the release of the princesses. Lindzags will teach guys his martial arts. Girls will have the opportunity to go to school for princesses. In the game, fun form, the guys recall the rules of good tone. Also, our small viewer in an accessible form for his perception will receive the necessary information about possible dangers, ways to overcome them and the need for certain actions to avoid extraordinary events.

Guys are reminded of the rules of conduct on the road and the rules of fire safety. The training will be fun, exciting, easy, in active-game form. The theoretical material, presented in this way, is assimilated by the child quickly and thoroughly.

Despite the seriousness of the issues that we have encountered, we tried to get away from the determined courtesy, using humor, games, quizzes, dance battles and musical completeness.

Modern artistic presentation of the performance, high-quality and beautiful costumes of fairy tale characters, professionally designed light and sound scores ensure unity of artistic decision, interesting light drawing and contemporary sound. Duration of the play - 1 hour 05 minutes.

The duration of the show is 1 hour 05 minutes.
Children under 5 years of age are free of charge with an adult, who must have a ticket!
The play is without an intermission.
Used "hi-end" phonograms.
The play is in Russian

Director - producer Svetlana Tarasenko

Actors and performers:
Bird of Reed, Serpentin Buinov Igor
Princess Pinky Pai, Lidiago Jay Zubkova Elena
fairy bloom, princess rozochka latko ludmila
Lindzao Kai Fitchun Alexander

Painter for the light - Peter Gubenko
Sound Operator - Sukharev Sergey
Executive Director Yuriy Ryazanov

Producers of the project:
Igor Ryazanov
Yuriy Sidanchenko

All copyrights to texts, music, staging, registration and rental of show shows belong to Ryazanov Igor Mikhailovich

In the hall of the ranks from 3 to 12 will be located in special constructions for a comfortable viewing of fairy tales (every 2 rows 20 cm higher than the previous ones are rows 3,5,7,9,11). Separately the first 2 rows will be located in front of the stage!

Waiting for you with good mood and cameras!

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