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New Year's Phantom of the Opera

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New Year's Phantom of the Opera


Decorating a Christmas tree? Are you going to celebrate New Year at home? But to create a New Year's mood, it is better to come to this performance.

This performance will contain everything that is associated with the New Year and Christmas. Some compositions have become cult hits for a long time, some you previously did not perceive at all as New Year's. But, without a doubt, each melody is capable of creating a real New Year's atmosphere.

You will hear: arias from the operettas "Violet of Montmartre", "Bayadere", "The Bat", The Merry Widow "," Kings of Verona at Night "from the musical" Romeo and Juliet "," Comewhatmy "from the musical" Moulin Rouge ", arias from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" and favorite hits from WhiteChristmas, JingleBellRock, LastChristmas, Letitsnow, OhollyNight.

Performers: Elena Grebenyuk, Georgy Nechaev, Daria Mikolenko, Bogdan Kireev.

2 compartments 50 min each

December 30 and 31 at 19.00

Act 1

The main character appears on the stage of his theater, collecting things that are dear to him. And these objects, to which he touches, unexpectedly for himself, come to life, materializing in the opera arias that previously sounded in this theater.

It's like the appearance of the Phantom, who loved and protected the Opera in this theater. The glass evoked memories from La Traviata, a fan appears in the hands of the Protagonist - the memory of a score from The Bat, a scarf was found - about a beautiful waltz from Puccini's La Bohème.

And, finally, the mask taken from the far corner of the forgotten theater was reflected in the mirror of his soul as the aria of the Ghost. Realizing that nothing else keeps him in the old theater, he collects things dear to his heart, sings Mozart's aria and goes into a new creative life, leaves for the New Year.

  • "Drinking" - opera "La Traviata" by G. Verdi
  • Waltz of Musetta - opera La Bohème by G. Puccini
  • Aria of Mr. X - operetta "Princess of the Circus"
  • "Cats" - duet divertissement Rossini
  • Musical number "Carambolina-Caramboletta" "from the operetta" Violet of Montmartre "by I. Kalman
  • Orlovsky's toast - operetta "The Bat" by I. Strauss
  • Shimi duet from the operetta "Bayadera" by I. Kalman
  • Aria "Nopuedeser" from Zarzuela by P. Sorozabal
  • Prince's aria "DeinistmeinganzesHerz" from the operetta "Land of Smiles" F.Legar
  • Giuditta's aria from the opera "Giuditta" F.Legar
  • Waltz from the operetta "The Merry Widow" F.Legar
  • Aria of the Phantom "Themusicofthenight" from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" by E. L. Webber
  • Duet of Christina and Raoul "All I askofyou" from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" by E. L. Webber
  • Aria "L'Assasimphonie" from the rock-opera "Mozart" by D. Attya and A. Cohen

Act 2

The protagonist begins a new stage in his theatrical life by working in a new musical genre - he begins to work in musicals. This is evidenced by the posters of those musicals, from which we hear arias throughout the entire second act. TOP HAT, Chicago, Cabaret, SweetCharity, Cats, Phantomoftheopera .. Every time .. a new poster - a new premiere. The main character lost the pursuit of opera ghosts and moved on to a modern interpretation of the values of the old theater. The familiar New Year hits sound! The premiere took place. The curtain is closing.

  • "WhiteChristmas"
  • "NewYork, NewYork"
  • "JingleBellRock"
  • "It'sthemostwonderfultimeoftheyear"
  • "Kings of Verona by Night" from the musical "Romeo and Juliet" by J. Presgurvik
  • "Puttinontheritz" from the musical "TopHat" by I. Berling
  • "Cheektocheek" from the musical "TopHаt" by I. Berling
  • "Bigspender" from the musical "SweetCharitu" by S. Coleman
  • "Letempsdescathedralеs" from the musical "Notre-DamédeParis" by R. Cocciante
  • "Memory" from the musical "Cats" by E. L. Webber
  • "AllThatJazz" from the musical "Chicago" by J. Kander
  • "Comewhatmаy" from the musical "MoulinRouge" by D. Birwald
  • "BeautyandtheBeast" from the musical "BeautyandtheBeast" by A. Menken
  • Christina's aria "Thinkofme" from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" by E. L. Webber
  • Duet of Christina and the Phantom "ThePhantomoftheOpera" from the musical "The Phantom of the Opera" by E.L. Webber

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