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What are women silent about?

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What will you learn about when you visit the play "What are women silent about?"

1. What a woman really thinks, but does not say anything about it
2. What actions a woman can do for love
3. How easy it is for a woman to circle her man's logic

Purely English detective.

Cast: Oleg Savkin, Ekaterina Kisten, Anna Kuzina, Liliya Tsvelikova, Anastasia Blazhchuk, Olga Sobko
Director - Vlad Belozorenko
The artist - Julia Zaulichnaya
Choreographer - Daria Niyazkulova-Degtyar
Producers - Tatiana Edemskaya and Elena Novohatko

If you want to find out what women really think, look at them, but do not listen. Women say a lot, but what they are silent about? In each of them there is some mystery, and five women under one roof is a whole mystery that covers the night murder in the mansion. But who is the killer? This interesting and seductive investigation is handled by a detective from the police department.

The task for a man is not simple - in search of truth, the most important thing is to compare the evidence and facts not to go mad with the charming logic of lovely ladies.

A talented play of actors, sparkling humor and a fascinating plot for two hours will dive you into the atmosphere of this investigation. And the main question - what are women silent about - will definitely be revealed!

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