To promise is not to marry

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“To promise is not to marry” is a provocative comedy for mature and experienced ... Contains profanity and explicit scenes.

Deep and beautiful performance, which is a practical guide on how to change the status of a bachelor or bachelor. Throughout the action, live music!

The story of people who make the main choice in their lives. “Let's get married” - words that terrify bachelors and delight at bachelors. They all dream of one thing - to be happy. But it is easy for one to do this voluntarily, and the other faces a dilemma - to remain alone or, having risked, to become a close person for someone.

But who said that married life is sheer pleasure? In marriage, there are pros and cons. On the other hand, marriages are made in heaven and you cannot escape from fate. Let the cupids do everything themselves - they are professionals. Frank talk, savory desires, unfulfilled dreams and a taste of hope. Want to join this love story? Welcome!

Sparkling comedy from Maxim Golenko - outrageous director of performances “Chaos. Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown ”,“ Kitsyunya ”and others.

Warning: not recommended for viewing by those who decided to go down the aisle in the near future.

Duration 1 hour 45 minutes.

Dasha Malakhova - actress of the theater “Theater on the Hem”,
Tala Kalatay - actress, TV presenter of the channel “Direct”
Alexander Yarema - theater and film actor, TV presenter
Dmitry Vivcharyuk - actor of the Kiev Operetta Theater, film actor
Roman Yasinovsky - theater and film actor
Musical accompaniment: Catherine Gaslo, Bogdan Vyhovsky

Director - Maxim Golenko
Artist - Julia Zaulichnaya
Choreographer - Pavel Ivlyushkin
Produced by Tatiana Edemskaya and Elena Novokhatko

Co-production of theater agencies “TE-ART” and “Star-City”

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