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Talking to a woman is as important as breathing. Being heard is no less valuable than seeing.

And the need for community service is sometimes even stronger than the need for a family. “A woman is not a spoon, ate, washed and ate again. A woman is a man, part of society. ”But when such an advocate of justice gathers in a whole society, what kind of work can we talk about? If your colleague is cheated on by your husband, and your neighbor has an affair with the secretary of her missus.

Who needs everyday cares if a monument is not erected for them? Another thing is to help the unfortunate tribe of Manjuko, who suffered from the brutality of the tyrant Chung Chang. These and other problems are incredibly troubling to members of the glorious association “OBEZh”.

The play, based on the play of the Serbian comedian Branislav Nusic, became one of the most successful productions of Kiev in the mid-80s of the last century (directed by Irina Molostova). And collected a sold-out record number of times.

Today the Podil Theater offers its own version!

The language of the performance is Ukrainian

Additional information - Translation of Zoryana Guk

2 hours 30 minutes with intermission

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