IV International Festival ODESSA CLASSICS

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Why should I go to the Odessa Classics Festival?

1. Odessa Classics Festival - triumphant return of Odessa to the festival scene of Europe.
2. For you will perform virtuosos, whose names are written in gold letters in the history of world classical music.
3. The program of the festival prepares a lot of pleasant surprises for the guests.

With the beginning of summer hospitable Odessa opens its arms to all fans of classical music and invites to the grandiose Odessa Classics Festival. The event will conquer the scale and bright program, which, along with the long-awaited concerts will include interesting exhibitions and literary meetings.

European level, famous participants and amazing atmosphere will leave indelible impressions. For the first time in Odessa, the great violinists Maxim Vengerov and Robi Lakatosh, the famous Austrian pianist Stefan Vladar, the stunning cellist Antonio Menezes, the clarinetist from Switzerland Dmitry Ashkenazi and other talented musicians will perform in Odessa. Some of the participants already performed on the stage of the Odessa Classics, provoking a barrage of applause and collecting absolute notices.

Since 2015, the festival brings together leading artists and musicians, as well as connoisseurs of concerts of live classical music. Odessa Classics is not only a delight for fans, but also a great place for developing musical tastes for young people. Therefore, be sure to come with the whole family and join the high art together! See you!

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