7:42, or the Odessa Rubinsons

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Why it is worth going to the play "7:42, or Odessa Rabinzony"?

1. This Odessa humor
2. A lot of familiar and favorite music
3. Learn how to build Odessa on the "uninhabited" island

In the play "7:42, or Odessa Rabinzony" we will tell not only how to build love ... Well, Odessa, of course, - on an uninhabited island, we'll sing for it! In our performance there is a lot of music, and all the beloved and well-known. And every spectator can immediately feel himself a participant in the events taking place on the scene.

After 20 years of separation and inevitable reunion, one Odessa family decided to go on a cruise for three generations: Mom (I. Tokarchuk) with the youngest son (A. Samusenko), the eldest son and his wife, "an athlete, a handsome and former Komsomol member "Grandfather Dodik (Yasha Gopp), and two grandsons - Odessa and American, who have already made friends and find a common language. But the ship was wrecked and they found themselves on the "uninhabited" island they thought were ... what's next? Will the family survive? What kind of relationship between Aunt Sima and Yasha in such a difficult situation? ... Who really lives on the island, and what does he want to create with our family?

Director: Elena Pushkina
Cast: Irina Tokarchuk, Yakov Gopp, Alexander Samusenko, Natalya Meshkova, Elena Golovina, Egor Karelsky, Vadim Golovkov, Vladimir Lilitsky

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