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Why should you go to One in Kanoe concert?

1. Drown in the voice of the incredible Ira Shwaydak.
2. One of the first to hear the band's new album.
3. Sing together "Chowen", "Heaven" and other songs dear to the heart. You surely know them by heart.

Group One in Canoe presents his new album. The concert in the framework of the all-Ukrainian tour will be held on March 15 in the Odessa Regional Philharmonic.

The non-standard history of the group demonstrates how music that abandoned the attributes and stereotypes of the domestic musical vision finds its listener and gathers full halls of admirers.

Group One in Kanoe was formed in 2010 in Lviv, at the same time the musicians played their first solo concert, after which they began to actively tour, known as a group without studio recordings. The group visited solo concerts in most large cities of Ukraine, performed in the Czech Republic, France, England, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Poland, took part in many festivals. The modern composition of the team is created by vocalist Irina Shvaydak, guitarist Ustim Pokhmursky and session drummer Igor Dzikovsky.

In 2016, Alone in a canoe released his debut album, which contained the work of musicians in six years of existence. Now the band is preparing a new full-length album, the release of which is scheduled for early 2018. New musical sound, texts, as experience and philosophical approach to everything already sound behind closed doors.

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