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Once in the forest

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The play "Once Upon a Time in the Forest" will take place in Zaporizhzhia at the Zaporizhzhia Academic Regional Theater of the Young Spectator.

Why should you go to the theater for the play "Once in the Forest" in Zaporizhzhia?

  1. An instructive and good fairy tale for children.
  2. The interactivity of the play, which will involve every viewer in exciting adventures.
  3. Useful and interesting rest in the theater.

Performance for children "Once in the forest" in Zaporizhzhia

The spectacular performance will capture the attention of the audience with colorful decorations and bright costumes of the characters. And the professional staff of the theater will make every effort to ensure that all the children leave the performance wanting to tell their family and friends about it. The roles are performed by: Kateryna Makoyed, Olena Denisenko, Hanna Simonova, Viktor Latyshev, Yevhen Kozlov, Kateryna Zaplavna. The director is Nataliya Voshchilova. The performance is for the audience from 7 years old. Duration - 45 minutes.

A story that teaches to protect the environment: the play "Once Upon a Time in the Forest" on the stage of the Zaporizhzhia Theater by a young audience

The spectacular fairy tale tells about a bird that decided to get to know the world on its own. It was, of course, not prepared for all the obstacles that came its way. And, fortunately, mom and dad came to the rescue in time. An important line in the performance is the ecological theme: children will be taught to protect nature and be responsible for their beautiful green planet. Before meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Once in the Forest" in Zaporizhzhia?

A ticket to the theater is a pleasant surprise for a child. Entertain your listeners, order tickets online today at Concert.ua.