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Once upon a time during the Big Bang. vision

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Once upon a time during the Big Bang

The Big Bang theory is currently probably the only explanation for the origin of the universe. Our world arose from the singularity point and has existed for almost 14 billion years. Modern technologies and knowledge are still unable to look into the deep past and see the birth of the universe, and theories are based only on mathematical calculations and models. The film "Once Upon a Big Bang" reveals the amazing events of the birth of space and time. Join us on a journey through space and time, observing our universe from the state of a tiny dot at the beginning of time to its incredible dimensions today. Witness the Big Bang!
  • Production: 2014, India
  • Duration: 16 min.
  • Age audience: 12+


We trace the path of light through the universe. It was born in the form of photons in the bowels of a distant star. Having overcome the vast expanses of space, a beam of light enters the human eye, transmitting signals to the brain, thanks to which we see it. The film "VISION!" covers some issues of astrophysics, vision physiology and brain work. Following the photon, the viewer enters the eye of a young observer of the starry sky in order to study the elements of the eye and their functions.
This full-dome film was created jointly by Koenig Films (USA) and Mirage 3D (Netherlands) and was financed by a generous grant from ZEISS (Germany).
  • Production: USA/Netherlands/Germany
  • Language: Ukrainian
  • Duration: 27 min