Marriage. It is an incredible event

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Everyone knows that Gogol's “Marriage” is a comedy. Everyone knows that this comedy over the years, decades and centuries that have passed since the date of its writing was staged in almost every theater.

Our young but already well-known director, far outside Odessa, Ivan Uryvsky is true to himself and categorically does not want to either copy the former examples, or even imitate them. Therefore, his stage project, which was proposed by the still famous Igor Ravitsky and precisely with the expectation of Ivan Uryvsky, provides for a far from simple regular comedy based on Gogol's immortal work.

Even the first rehearsals even opened up so many new and interesting things to the actors themselves, that the performers who got used to the theater, it would seem, to everything - and they allegedly got a "second wind".

Why? Are the expectations and hopes exaggerated and premature? Where does the director Ivan Uryvskiy, always unexpected and unpredictable in his creative inspiration, invite?

And now - the premiere! The only thing that we with a clear conscience frankly guarantee is that it will be interesting and unexpected. As for the further, it's your turn, isn't it?

Therefore, as in the famous film: go and see!

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