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Odyn v Kanoe: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

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Friends, in this difficult fateful time we strive to be as useful as possible for our Ukraine. That's why Odyn v Kanoe starts a series of charity concerts in European cities, the purpose of which is to raise and donate funds for the needs of our defenders.

All proceeds from the concerts, as well as donations, which will be welcomed during the event, will be donated to the needs of our army.

To come and listen to our music today is not only to find something for yourself, but also to help our whole country, which is worthy of victory!

"One to one in one's own way" - this is the motto of the series of charity concerts of the Ukrainian creative intelligentsia.

The purpose of the charity concerts is to raise $ 1,000,000 (one million US dollars) and donate it in support of our defenders!

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