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Secret Quest Mission Ghostbusters

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Why go to the quest "Ghostbusters"?

1. TELEPORT360 offers interactive interactive cognitive programs for students to train attention, logic, and intelligence.
2. Problems adapted to the age of schoolchildren will help understand the laws of nature and motivate them to learn.
3. Interactive digital projections, musical accompaniment and special effects will turn learning into continuous entertainment.

Look close around. You see? No? Then take a closer look. Something mysterious is happening here ... And the famous staff of special agents is completely different from the one he was before. It's because ghosts have appeared in it! And it is with them that we will get acquainted.

They are forever locked in containers with chemical reagents, in laboratory flasks and the most usual-looking paper scrolls and cabinets. Yes, they are just everywhere! Even from the walls with us will speak amazing and mysterious creatures. So, during the quest mission, you are waiting (if you are, of course, brave enough) to fight bloody monsters and air-hunting witches!

During this hour and a half we will try the fiery attack as a defense against the dark forces and get acquainted with the invisible inhabitants of the headquarters. And also learn the secrets of taming pocket ghosts and learn how to potions from real professionals. And the most desperate daredevils waiting for an important mission - the release of a laboratory prisoner!

And of course, incendiary dances will fall into the disco crypt - where without them? The quest is designed for children from 6 to 12 years. Special conditions apply for group visits. Such an adventure will be remembered for a long time!

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