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Oleg Skrypka (Vopli Vidoplyasova)

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"V.V." – Vopli Vidopliasova is a Ukrainian rock band, a living legend, which has been at the forefront of modern Ukrainian musical culture for 36 years in a row.

Since 1986, with a bold challenge to freedom and creativity, the band has faced the decaying Soviet Union, becoming at the forefront of creating quality Ukrainian content, in tune with the spirit of the times and the need for conscious changes that Ukrainians desperately need.

Oleg Skrypka - the helmsman and crazy energy engineer "V.V.", the founder of festivals, projects, collections and original life-affirming ideas,

together with musicians, he creates many brilliant musical masterpieces, hits that will be loved and sung over and over for many years to come.

Songs will inspire new generations of people in love with music, harmony, melody and freedom.

After all, "V. IN." is an incredible artistic and powerful drive released through live music from the stage.

"Ukraine is the holy mother of heroes", no matter what, continues to produce strong-minded people capable of changing this world.

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