Alexander Vertinsky, the Lord's Ball ...

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Why go to the play "Alexander Vertinsky, the Lord's Ball ..."?

1. Learn more about the legend of the 20th century
2. Enjoy musical decoration
3. It is interesting to spend leisure time

Performance by Alexander Vertinsky. Ball of the Lord ... "- about the life and destiny of the outstanding singer, poet and composer.

Life is a gift of God that man can dispose of at his own discretion. Known, the real world is just a reflection of the inner world.

The true artist, able to approach the mystery of being, fills his life with a philosophical content, a special iridescent light, creates from it a certain myth, a fairy tale, which in turn is a gift to other people. And so from generation to generation ...

Behind the scenes of emotional experiences, theater space of Alexander Vertinsky's life and, of course, his songs that sound to the sounds of a living piano - these are the golden threads from which the poetic atmosphere of the play is made.

Scenic composition and production - Olga Havrylyuk

Scenography, poster - Olena Korchina

Musical design - Nikolay Sazosenko

Sound producer - Alla Muravskaya

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Alexander Vertinsky Lord's Ball ...

10 March 2019 19:30


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Alexander Vertinsky Lord's Ball ...

28 March 2019 19:30


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