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Olesya. Hoax

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Staging - Ivan Uryvsky
Director - Ivan Uryvsky
Artist - Anastasia Ptashkina
Choreography - Pavel Ivlyushkin

In this play we see the struggle of two worlds - pagan and Christian, the opposition of civilization and wild nature, of the person and the crowd, of the "hunter" and "booty," freedom and dependence on society, an attempt to free themselves and accept inevitability... Through these themes the theme of Love is revealed...

This is a story about two lovers who were so different people, as far as it's possible ... In such cases, Love is often tragic. The theme of divided love is replaced by the theme of unattainable happiness. But, perhaps, only this feeling is able to give meaning to human existence... The original view of the director on the story of the remarkable writer AI Kuprin "Olesya", unusual dolls, amazing music, fascinating choreography - this performance will not leave anyone indifferent.

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