Is he. Wife. Mistress

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Why it is worth going to the play "He. Wife. Mistress"?

1. Enjoy the game of talented actors and feel their powerful emotional attraction.
2. One of the first to see the premiere of a bright spectacle.
3. Make sure that the best rest for the soul is a good comedy.

Kiev drama theater "Bravo" invites to the premiere! Your attention - a spectacular comedy production "He. Wife. Mistress". Choose a convenient time and date and definitely come!

Someone will think: "Oh, a battered topic, familiar images." But even though at least a little bit this opinion does not reflect the true picture. And this will be a picture, yet what! After all, actors of the Bravo theater are on stage. What is already in itself is a pledge of an extraordinary presentation and a fresh, unpredictable plot.

Yes, in the love triangle everything is smooth, for the time being. And what can disrupt the clockworking mechanism? And was it even established? And what to do next? A lot of interesting, and most importantly - ridiculous and even very much - is waiting for you at this play.

See you!

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