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Why go to ONUKA?

1. Presentation of the new album MOZAЇKA
2. A new wave of Ukrainian music
3. A unique combination of the future and the past

ONUKA will present a new album MOZAЇKA - a story about a number of strange coincidences, circumstances and symbols. Everything turned out.

MOZAЇKA is more than just an album. This is ONUKA interactive project, in which music, video, photos, messages form a single whole. Separate fragments are added to the overall picture, giving the key to the solution: how is the ONUKA Universe organized.

Each song of the album is a conceptually completed message. The two main leitmotifs that pass through MOZAЇKA are the personal story of Nata Zhizhchenko. Her experiences, feelings, memories. Dedication to a loved one and grandmother; faithful friends and musical idols of childhood. The second keynote is Nata's reaction to surrounding events and phenomena.

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