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Why should you go to the play "Oresteya"?

1. To see the joint project of two famous theaters.
2. Rate an amazing mix of traditional and newest stage facilities.
3. Get a huge aesthetic pleasure.

Oresteya is a joint project of the Independent Theater Mizantrop and the Podol Theater. The performance was created based on the tragedies of Euripides and Aeschylus, ancient myths (stage version by Ilya Moschitsky).

Two talented troupes have teamed up to create a special performance. This is the quintessence of the latest trends in computer technology, unique stage performance capabilities and acting tools.

Let's talk about the most intimate. Get ready to let out the archetypes of the subconscious, which manifest themselves in a world of unlimited visual possibilities. The ancient myth speaks the language of modernity and is transformed into a highly intellectual and aesthetic canvas. You are waiting for meditative hypnotic immersion in senses through deep philosophical reflections, contemplation of the beauty of the human body and its capabilities.

Production Designer, Director - Ilya Moschitsky.

Please note that the performance is subject to an age limit of 18+ due to the aesthetic demonstration of the naked body.

"Oresteya" is a modern myth, where modern technologies meet modern man. Do not miss this interesting and deep statement!