Last day of summer

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Why go to the play "The Last Day of Summer"?

1. Evaluate the new directorial approach to staging the play “Duck Hunt”.
2. Catch the current motives of the dramatic performance.
3. Once again realize how complex and multifaceted a person is.

We bring to your attention the play “The Last Day of Summer”. The director is young, but already well-known among professionals, Ivan Uryvsky.

Actual production offers the viewer to live one day with the main character. He seems to have everything: good work, friends, his beloved wife and popularity with women. But there is one more dream, for the achievement of which the very last day of summer is needed. This is a duck hunt. And this day the main character spends as if he is the last in life. Ivan Uryvsky offers a new presentation of the plot of A. Vampilov’s play “Duck Hunt”. The performance captivates with drama and deep psychologism. Penetrating into the depths of the hero’s consciousness, the author is trying to uncover the cause of his mental depression ... We are waiting for you!

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