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Why should you go to the play "The Last Term"?

1. After watching, you definitely want to call your mother to just hear her voice.
2. Performance - the winner of numerous all-Ukrainian and international theatrical festivals.
3. Everyone should see this idea.

Parents ... As often growing up, children forget about those who were closest to them for so many years: sitting at the head of the bed during illness, listening to joys and sorrows, carefully wrapped in frost and fed from the heart. But they need the attention of their children!

The play, written by the playwright Valentin Rasputin, almost half a century ago, is still relevant today. The old woman lived a lot in this world - almost 80 years! And I've done so many things, I've managed everything ... How many children I gave birth and brought up. True, there was no time to breathe and even look back for a moment, in order to stop the whole beauty of heaven and earth in the eyes. I did not notice how the last term in my life came up. Only the last meeting with the children, who had long since dispersed throughout the country, was released.

But only the long-awaited meeting will turn for Staruni and joy, and a bitter test at the same time. After all, the few last hours of mother's life for her children are a burden. Young no time to wait.

This production of the Rovno Music and Drama Theater has repeatedly become a prize-winner of festivals.

Directed by Vladimir Petriv, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize, People's Artist of Ukraine.
Cast: Nina Nikolaeva (Godunok), Lina Izarova, Natalia Boyarskaya, Georgy Morozyuk, Olga Lozovskaya and many others.

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