The Last Love

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Why should I go to the play The Last Love?

1. It's never too late to love and feel happy
2. An attitude that causes a storm of emotions from sadness to contagious laughter
3. Great gift to parents

Performance, which does not happen "extra" tickets: the creative team of the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka puts "The Last Love".

The plot of the play "The Last Love" is based on the play by Valery Mukharyamov. In the center of the narrative is Harry Bendiner, an elderly emigrant living in the United States. The personal tragedy of the hero lies in his loneliness. Wives, friends and even Bendiner's children are already in a better world. But with pain in his heart he tries to get used to the fact that the only friend in the whole world for him is only Secretary Mark. The hero begins to eat the inner emptiness. Thoughts about loneliness grieve and take the last hope... But, it seems, life gives a second chance and presents a real gift for a man: acquaintance with the cheerful and brisk Ethel. And - about a miracle! The old man's heart is filled with pure, sincere love. She heals all ills and gives peace of mind...

Well, everything will be so smooth? Well, I do not! Everything begins with the unexpected act of Ethel, who upside down turns the measured life of Berdiner. Come and find out for yourself.

You will be conquered by the wonderful actors! There will be something to laugh at and think about.

The director-director is Nadezhda Baturina.
The roles are performed by: David Babaev, Vyacheslav Lisenbart, Irina Duka, Natalia Kudrya.

Performance in two acts. Duration - 2 hours 15 minutes.