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Why should you go to the play "Othello/Ukraine/Facebook"?

1. To visit the new production of the Golden Gate Theater.
2. View from the side the artistic embodiment of the features of our time.
3. See theatrical fantasies on classical works.

There is one key point that you need to know if you decide to go to the premiere performance of the Golden Gate Theater. The genre of the production is “this is not Othello at all”! So do not wait for the embodiment of the familiar Shakespearean tragedy. It's no wonder that the production is called Othello/Ukraine/Facebook.

Probably, there is no longer any author in the world whose personality would be so eager to establish! Neither Homer, nor Moliere, nor Byron... No one was given such honor. And all because the facts of the biography of William Shakespeare are rather stingy and contradictory. And it is hard to believe that a person without education could write plays containing the latest information from a variety of areas of knowledge: from philosophy to cartography. Shakespeare's vocabulary is also amazing - about 12 thousand words - a record among literary geniuses!

The search for real Shakespeare does not subside. Perhaps under such a pseudonym wrote the playwright Christopher Marlo, Roger and Elizabeth Retland, or even a whole group of authors headed by the philosopher Francis Bacon. True, there are very recent studies. So, British scientists at the end of last year found out that under the pseudonym "Shakespeare" writers Pavel Arie and Marina Smilyanets, director Stas Zhirkov and actors of the Golden Gate theater worked.

Do not believe? Then come to the new performance "Othello/Ukraine/Facebook" to refute our version! After all, what is truth or fiction in the 21st century? It will be interesting and unusual! Waiting for you!