Where do children come from? 12+

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Why should you go to the play "Where do children come from?"

1. The performance is a parable about the purpose of a woman in this world: someone can agree, someone can argue. But there will be no indifference.
2. Statement will make you wonder: what is happiness for you.
3. Playing talented actresses will not allow to doubt their sincerity.

Theater on Podol presents the play “Where do children come from?”. The lyrical parable of female happiness will affect the soul. Perhaps in one of the heroines you will see yourself or a friend. One thing is clear: it will cost an incredible effort to stay away.

The performance is based on the life stories of eight women, who were united by the delivery room. For one of them, the happiness of motherhood will open for the sixth time. Another is waiting for a child who was not planned. Third, unfortunately, never become a mother. But all the problems that each of the heroines has seem to be trifles when Oksana, a surrogate mother, joins them...

Happiness is what every woman longs for. To him go through the trials and difficulties. It is very important to find your true purpose. To be loved and needed. So where does happiness come from?

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