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The original female trio of Panivalkov, known for her performances at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and the X-Factor TV show, invites you to her concert in the framework of the Ukrainian Cosmopolitan Tour.

In 2016, the album DONTVORI and an eccentric video clip for the song Let me were released, and in the summer of 2017 the band's first European tour took place. Panivalkova visited 16 cities in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Finland, where she was welcomed by the European public and the media.

For the Ukrainian audience, the girls prepared musical surprises, incredible stage images and new songs. Through the song "Cosmopolitan" Paniwalkova urges us to remember the unity of people all over the world, cherish the love for each other, and every day make small but important steps towards establishing peace in our lives.

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