Paradoxes of crime

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Friends, please be in advance - the performance starts at 19:00, the doors open at 18:30. After the start, the entrance is stopped and it will be possible to enter at intermission.

KLIM drama of absurdity. The director is Vlad Troitsky.

The modern model of the ancient theater, where the actor is only a conductor of the poet's insights. Based on the novel by Fedor Dostoevsky “Crime and Punishment” and the story of Mr. Pond, by Gilbert Chesterton.

“When a good person comes to the conviction that he has the right to kill the Bad and that thereby he will increase the virtue, then the story begins to seem meaningless and frivolous ...” (KLIM)

The playwright Klim decided to bring together the heroes of two writers in a single space: the brilliant wit, the Englishman Gilbert Chesterton and the creator of epic novels Fedor Dostoevsky. The evolution of action in the "Crime Paradoxes" is segmented into blocks, in each of which the tragedy of the phenomenon of "borderline state" is revealed. The energy of thought is expressed by dialogues, which often develop into a series of voluminous monologues resembling the "stream of consciousness" of heroes. And they all discuss the phenomenon of conscious killing - its origins and perspectives. And is killing “true” possible?

Having understood all this, one has only to watch how the thought ping-pong ball jumps from one character to another, making somersaults, but without losing the logical thread.

Those two of whom one killed the other were a teacher and a student. The student believed in God, the teacher in Darwin. And as soon as the teacher pulled the student to his side, he did exactly according to the formula of Dostoevsky, she is the formula "Apocalypse today." The student, meanwhile, makes a reservation: “You convinced me that my faith is sleepy dreams, but not that dreaming is worse than waking up.” And Dostoevsky again sets off in pursuit of Chesterton.

This is perhaps the most intelligible and perhaps the most curious of the opuses of KLIMa.

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