Paradoxes of the crime

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Drama absurd for KLIM. Director - Vlad Troitsky.

Modern model of the ancient theater, where the actor - only the leader of the poet's insights. Based on the novel by Theodore Dostoevsky "Crime and Punishment" and Gilbert Chesterton's Story "Mr. Panda's Paradoxes".

"When a good person comes to the conviction that she has the right to kill the poor and thereby increase the virtue. So the story begins to seem senseless and not serious..." (KLIM)

The drama KLIM decided to erect in a single space heroes of two writers: a brilliant wit Englishman Gilbert Chesterton and creator of epic novels by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The evolution of action in the Paradoxes of the Crime is segmented into blocks, each of which reveals the phenomenon of the "border state". The energy of thought is expressed by dialogues, which often grow into a series of voluminous monologues resembling the "stream of consciousness" of heroes. All characters discuss the phenomenon of murder - its origins and prospects. And is it possible to kill "the truth"?

Realizing all this, then one should only watch how the idea of a ping-pong ball slips from one character to another, producing a clown, but without loosing the logical thread.

Those two, one of whom killed another, were a teacher and a disciple. The student believed in God, the teacher - in Darwin. And it was worth the teacher to drag the student to his side, as he did according to the formula Dostoevsky, it is the formula "Apocalypse today." The student says: "You have convinced me that my faith is a marijuana of dreams, but not in the fact that seeing the dreams is worse than waking up." And Dostoevsky again throws himself into the pursuit of Chesterton.

This is probably the most understandable and perhaps the most interesting of the KLIM opuses.

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