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And you took a tour of my heart...
Familiar lines?

Undoubtedly, because this track hit 14 million views!
Parfenyuk is a member of the younger generation, who is not shy about broadcasting his feelings to a wide audience. The guy became famous thanks to Tik Tok and is already intriguing his followers about the presentation of the new album: "Very soon you will understand everything, because you said that one song is not enough..."

The proof that a young artist realizes himself at 100% is openness and sincerity, which people lack so much. Parfenyuk can sing calmly while walking in the center of Kyiv or taking a minibus ride, knowing that his song will definitely be picked up.

Parfeniuk is the one who toured the hearts of millions of Ukrainians and captivated his audience in different parts of the world.

Top 1 in the charts of Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam,

More than 10 million views on YouTube

200,000 Tik Tok videos have been made for this song

Meet in Chervonohrad on September 6 will be the first solo concert with the presentation of the new album. Don't miss what millions are waiting for!

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