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Why is it worth going to the concert "Pasosh"?

1. Spill your irrepressibility!
2. Forget this evening everything that disturbs you.
3. Hear live "January", "Every day", "I miss", "Summer", etc.

This spring, "Pasosh" again in Ukraine!

"Pasosh" is a punk band from Moscow. The frontman and the founder of the team is Petar Martić. It was he who in 2014 recorded the tracks "Drugs-Drugs", "Ryan Gosling", "How hot I am", who quickly left for the people and made their performer megapopular.

The debut album of the band "We will never be bored" was released in 2015. The tracks sounded like pure DIY, were raw and garage. However, given the traditions and style, this was done deliberately. The songs fully corresponded to the canons of the genre of "punk rock".

The second collection of "21" (2016) was no longer so simple and naive. His recording took place between the tours and performances on festivals ("Motherland", "Pain", etc.). In the same year, the guys were nominated in the category "rock artist of the year" (the Jagermeister Indie Awards).

Last year, the third studio album "Pasosh" was released entitled "Every time the most important times" and the collection "Everything will be fine".

Come to their concert - be forever young, be a whirlwind, whatever someone tells you!

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