Pavel Tabakov. Christmas for you

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Why it is worth going to Pavel Tabakov's concert "Christmas for you"?

1. Become an accomplice to a good and long tradition
2. Watch a romantic and soulful show
3. Charge with good and positive for the year ahead

Pavel Tabakov invites you to a big holiday concert “Christmas for you”!

For Pavel Tabakov, Christmas concerts are a good and long tradition! Fans of the singer with warmth and trepidation recall his festive concert programs "Christmas for Two", "Such a Winter", "Snow Without a Pause." And after a long break this winter, on the eve of the Old New Year - on Sunday, January 13, 2019 - Tabakov will please music lovers with the new romantic, emotional and spectacular concert show "Christmas for you." The meeting point is the National Drama Theater. M. Zankovetskoy.

“Christmas for you” by Pavel Tabakov will unite traditional and designer carols, Christmas songs in different languages, premiere of songs ... And the singer will present for the first time to the public an excerpt from his future Christmas musical for the whole family “Santa's Factory”. This performance will involve talented students of the Pavel Tabakov Creative School, which has recently been working in Lviv.

“I myself love winter very much, especially during the New Year and Christmas holidays,” says Pavel Tabakov. - This is the best, the brightest time of the year - the update time and the start time! I want to sing and dream together at the Christmas for You concerts! To be charged with good and positive for the year ahead! To be inspired to work that will make our world better!

“Christmas for you” by Pavel Tabakov: a joint kolyada that fulfills dreams - on the festive evening before the Old New Year!

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